Why ConnecDotz?

Provides a smart CRM platform for retailers to grow their business with more returning customers

Grow your business with more returning customers & save money spent on paper receipts

Provide great in-store experience with smart digital connect tools

Build strong relationship with your customers

Identify your customers & provide great in-store experience

Identify In-Store customers

You can identify who is shopping in your store

Offers of the day

Provide offers of the day when the customer check-in your store

Lisa - BOT

An intelligent Bot to help your customer to answer their questions while shopping at your store

Virtual Assistant

Provide virtual assistance and answer your customer questions.

Digital Receipt

Provide digital receipt to your customers without any change in your cash register software

Smart Shopping

Take remote orders & provide speed check-out options

Build Strong Relationship with your customers

Customer Data

Easily capture customer data when they check-in your store

Personalized Marketing

Deliver the right offer to the right customer at the right time with personalized customer relationship marketing.

Social Connect

Connect with your customers through connecdotz merchant app and see what they are talking about your store

Rewards & Loyalty

Drive loyalty program and reward your customers for every purchase they made



Conduct surveys to better understand your customer wants and needs and also their level of satisfaction with your products or services



Get customer feedback on their shopping experience with your store

How it works?

Experience of a customer from store check-in to the final checkout

  • Customer Checks-In

    Customer check-in your store through ConnecDotz - Shoppers1App

  • Offers of the day

    An advertisement with offers of the day is pushed to checked-in customer to help them on shopping

  • Ask Lisa, an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

    Customer asks questions to Lisa as they normally do to an employee of the store

  • Virtual Assistance

    Get the questions answered from your store's virtual assistant

  • Digital Receipt

    Completes sale as usual and leaves your store with digital receipt added straight to customer's ConnecDotz - Shoppers1App account.

  • Retain Your Customers

    Reach your customer with personalized marketing based on the purchase behaviour and increase the chance for them to return to your store


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